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Weddings are a gathering of your favourite people, all there to celebrate your love and your story, in a way that reflects just who you both are. I’m there to share your story with your loved ones, keep you calm (if needed), and make sure your ceremony is everything you hoped for.


It is amazing to see how different every wedding is. It is such a unique experience seeing, and working with couples to come up with new and personal ways to celebrate their special day.

Meet some of the wonderful couples I've had the pleasure of marrying, and have a little peek into their unique stories.

M&B 1.jpg
Coming Soon : Meaghan & Ben
Coming Soon: Emily & Alex
brendan&emma - Copy_edited.jpg
Coming Soon: Brendan & Emma
michael&liz - Copy_edited.jpg
Coming Soon: Liz & Michael
kailah & george.jpg
Coming Soon : Kailah & George
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