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Still in love with each other after all these years and want to celebrate it?! Get those old loved up vibes going with a renewal ceremony.


You may have married many years ago and would like to reaffirm your vows or maybe you have been through a difficult period in your relationship. A Vow Renewal can be a great way to commemorate a love that has deepened or matured between a couple

Renewing your vows is a way to celebrate your marriage and re-affirm the love you share together as a couple.


This non-religious and non-denominational ceremony welcomes and celebrates the birth and naming of a child. This can incorporate readings or poems that are meaningful to the family to create a ceremony that welcomes the child into the world.

The great thing about Baby Naming ceremonies, is they can be whatever you want!  It can be an intimate gathering at your home, a relaxed picnic at a park or something large and more formal. You can include rituals, symbols or traditions that are meaningful to you. The choice is yours.


Losing someone is devastating, and saying farewell is incredibly sad. I can be there to help ease the pain and burden by helping to create a ceremony to farewell your loved-one.


Making a funeral ceremony truly meaningful can be an important step in moving through your grief, and can bring the opportunity to celebrate a life.​ I will create a personal and memorable service that will celebrate the life of your loved one in a gentle and respectful manner.

The format can be extremely flexible, depending on your wishes. Rest assured that together we can create a ceremony that’s comforting and full of love.



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