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I’m fully trained and registered  to perform marriages anywhere in Australia. I’ll handle all the legal paperwork and make sure your marriage is registered properly with your state’s registry. I’m also a member of the Australian Marriage Celebrant’s Association, and am fully insured! I've got all the fun parts of the ceremony covered, but I’ve also got all the boring stuff under control too!

I endeavour to provide a genuine, safe and positive experience for all my couples, and everybody who is a part of their special day.


I'm a Wife, Mother of 4, Mother in Law to 3, and Nanna to my wonderful Grandkids; Marley, Parker, Charlie and Matilda.

A couple of years ago, after waiting an age for my nephew to get around to proposing, I said that if he were to propose, I'd become their Celebrant. They both absolutely loved the idea and guess what? So did I, and so my Celebrant story began! 


Best career move ever.

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